This day is celebrated annually on 15 November. It is not a national holiday but most government offices will close. It may also be known as 'Dynasty Day', or the 'Feast of the Dynasty'.

History of King's Feast

The feast was first celebrated in honour of King Leopold I (1790-1865) who was the first monarch of Belgium following its independence from the Netherlands in 1831. 

King Leopold I was named after St. Leopold, whose feast is celebrated on this day in the German liturgical calendar. St. Leopold's Feast Day is a public holiday in Vienna, Austria.

The King's Feast has been celebrated in Belgium on 15 November since 1866 when Leopold II decreed it. 

Since 2001, the Belgian Federal Parliament holds a ceremony in honour of the King, in the presence of members of the Belgian Royal Family and other dignitaries. It is recognised as the official birthday of the King.